Dmitry Dvoinikov
Software developer

The only way to get something done is to start and then don't stop.
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Articles and series of articles:   Experimental measurement of FPGA registers power consumption
Learning FPGA programming, key points for a software developer (3 parts)
VPNs, how to use them properly and stay anonymous (5 parts)
The effects of data fragmentation in a mixed load database
Password keeping devices. Comparison of YubiKey vs. OnlyKey
Open-source projects:   Pay Gap Puzzle (JavaScript game)
Pythomnic3k (Python3 application framework)
Nest (IP VPN daemon)
HTTPort (TCP over HTTP tunnel)
Green (e-mail spam filter)
Bootable FreeBSD CD (minimal and secure)
Python tools:   Function guards for Python 3
Method signature checking decorator for Python 3
Method signature checking decorators for Python 2.x
Yet another Design By Contract module for Python
Assertion that a code fragment throws a particular exception
Decorator to make a decorated call in a separate thread with timeout
Formats current exception with stack trace so that it fits in single line and has known encoding
Shared lock (aka reader-writer lock) with timeouts and FIFO ordering